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Introducing The Mega Tournament

Introducing the Mega Tournament for 2020

MEGA Tournament 2020
It's A Tournament Created
For Bowlers by Bowlers.

The Summer
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2020 Doubles Starts May 23rd

Roger Koplin, owner of Players Pro Shop, and Jim Winklepleck, owner of Winks Bowl, are committed to running the The Summer Doubles in 2020, but as a companion tournament to the MEGA Tournament, which start May 23rd, the same date the Summer Doubles starts.
The Summer Doubles will be open to all bowlers at anytime lanes are open, but the MEGA Tournament will require bowling teams to register online and pay by April 15 for tournament organizers with 5 teams or more and April 30 for individual teams.

The MEGA Tournament format will run on weekends and will be teams, doubles and singles. Teams will 4 bowlers and can be composed of all men, all women or mixed.

More information is posted HERE.

If you are interested in becoming a Squad Organizer for the Mega Tournament, or want to contact a squad organizer in your area, please CONTACT US fo or go the the BowlMega website for full details and to enter and pay.

It's All About Striking

You might call this a
"Charitable" Strike!

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To Strike, Once Must First Deliver The Ball - Usually on the same Lane
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